Samsung Glaxay Tab A7 10.4 -- good choice?

I am looking for a good Android tablet for two purposes

  • Running Roon Remote
  • Sending YouTube audio to my system via Bluetooth using aptX HD

I now use a Samsung S2 tablet, which is fine for Roon but lacks aptX HD. (I am not interested in rooting the tablet to attempt aptX HD installation.) Questions–

  1. Would the A7 be a good replacement?
  2. Could any A7 user advise whether it supports aptX HD? It is quite difficult to find that out.


The Qualcomm site indicates that the device does NOT support aptX HD.

It seems impossible to find a tablet that does.

Neither of my Samsung devices support AptX HD (Note 20 Ultra 5G and Tab S7 +), however both support LDAC.

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Thanks, Graeme. I am finding aptX-HD a unicorn – widely known but hard to find, though it’s been around for more than 5 yrs.

Via LDAC, my Sony headphones and LG phone connect fine. But my Windows 10 laptop doesn’t have LDAC and there’s no good way to add it. Same for my Samsung tablet.

Via aptX-HD, I send audio from the LG phone to the stereo while watching YouTube music videos. But the tablet doesn’t support that, either – newer Samsung devices don’t have aptX-HD. The only tablet I’ve found with aptX-HD is a Sharp model not sold in the US.

Matching codecs in senders and receivers is a nightmare. (Apple has their own, of course.) What a shame, that Bluetooth has become such a morass! And also a shame, that the puff pieces in audio magazines don’t mention the situation. I do find that aptX-HD and LDAC are very much better sounding than SBC or plain aptX. But getting paired devices that support them is rare.

Full list of compatible stuff

@fietser - Thanks for the reply. I looked at that list recently. If you see a tablet on it that supports aptX-HD – other than the elusive Sharp model – please let me know.