Samsung SM-T580 Galaxy Tab A Tablet As A Remote?

Samsung SM-T580 Galaxy Tab A Tablet would this be ok as a roon remote?
ive recently used a 2nd hand surface pro 3 which i found was a bit heavy to hold although a nice bit of kit i decided to sell on,now im after[again] a new tablet in the £200 price point ive been recomened the samsung tab s2 which is out of my price range,ive spotted the samsung tab a anybody using this tab with success? or any similar priced android tab.

thank you for any replies

Please review the tablets specs in comparison with this:

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Yep, I have a Galaxy Tab A and it works fine as a remote. 10inch version. My son has the 7inch version,. works very well too, generally, but I haven’t used it as a remote. I can’t prise it from him :slight_smile:

The only issue i have is with the pagination of albums. It’s a bit “hit&miss”, ie it can need multiple swipes to get it to work. I feel it’s probably a generic problem, not restricted to the Tab A, however. I have highlighted it a few times to Roon, but it doesn’t seem to be registering on their roadmap for development.

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There are a couple problems with Roon’s Android tablet support. I’ve reported this to Roon long ago and still no fix. I have a Samsung Note 5 phone and it works flawlessly. However the tablet suffers from screen tears at the edges and as you mentioned, scrolling issues. The scrolling issues are so bad for me, and I’ve tried it on 2 different Samsung tablets, that I’e installed Remote Desktop on my tablet and connect to my Roon core instead of using the Android app. Personally I find this ridiculous considering Samsung has a bigger market share than Apple. This meaning, there are more Samsung tablets in the world than any other Android tablet, or Apple.

Interesting you also have the scrolling issue. I purchased a Tab Pro S to overcome this in fact. As a remote it works like a dream, but t’was an expensive route out of the problem.

It happens with my 10.1 Note 2014 and my Tab S3. It’s most noticeable with bands that have a large number of albums. Your Tab Pro has a Windows OS?

yes Windows 10.

I also wanted to get it to overcome the Android audio interference for when I do use it as a Core.

It also makes for a lovely portrait experience, something I couldn’t get the Android Tab A to do.

As the New Tab Pro has come out (Galaxy book?) we should see the prices tumble for the original.

Hi, reviving an old thread … I’m thinking about getting a Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, 64Gb tablet and I’d like to use it as a roon control. Has anyone seen issues with using this tablet as a roon control, like the afformentioned scrolling issues you guys were experiencing? Any feedback would be appreciated, thanks.:face_with_raised_eyebrow: