Samsung SSD drive 8TB

Would a Samsung 870 Evo 8tb work in a Nucleus+ original version? Anyone try it? Thanks!

Hi @David_A_Brown and welcome to the Roon forums.

The nucleus is effectively a NUC, and I don’t think the capacity of the drive will be an issue. I’d worry more about an m.2 disk but this is a 2.5” internal SATA drive. This Intel thread suggests capacity isn’t an issue but says Intel had only tested 2TB units.

Note that there may be an issue with physical height, but the Nucleus has a different case and the Samsung site and others say this drive’s only 6.8mm which is slim. 9mm+ is where issues might occur.

Do your homework a little but I think it’ll work. Good luck.

Hi David, I am not familiar with an 8tb Samsung EVO drive. But I do have an 8 tb Samsung QVO in my Nucleus + Rev. B.

Like jb76 above, I’m running this:

Works perfect in my Nucleus + but I think it’s the latest version not original…


My bad - meant QVO not EVO. I currently have a Samsung 860 EVO not QVO 4tb in the Nucleus+ now but I’m running out of space with approximately 226,000 tracks.

Really appreciate the quick and helpful responses especially since this was my first post on these forums.

Wonder if there is any interior physical difference in the original Nucleus+ and the Rev. B Nucleus+?

Then I need to figure out how to migrate/update which scares the crap out of me.

Thanks again!!

According to Roon knowledge base…

Nucleus Rev A has a smaller enclosure than Nucleus Rev B. This smaller design means that while most SSDs and standard laptop HDDs will fit inside the Nucleus (Rev A) without issue, some older and physically larger legacy drives may not quite fit properly.

Nucleus Rev B has a slightly larger enclosure, which we elected to design to give customers the flexibility to use a physically bigger Hard Drive (though with the same storage size capabilities) inside of their Nucleus that if needed. The output board on Nucleus Rev B also features one additional HDMI port compared to the Nucleus Rev A. Each HDMI port can only be used as an audio output through Nucleus, and all other aspects of the computer board design inside of Nucleus Rev B are the same as Nucleus Rev A.

If you have any questions about this information, or if you’d like to find out where you can purchase a Nucleus, please contact us at

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Which is the latest version?

Revision A allows the physical height of the internal 2.5" drive to be up to 9mm.
Revision B allows the physical height of the internal 2.5" drive to be up to 15mm.

Either should be physically fine for the 8TB QVO.

You’ll need more RAM with this much music.


Thanks folks!! You are truly the best!

If I may impose, how much ram? Any suggestions as to type, etc?

Any suggestions on how to migrate, trying to avoid over Ethernet as I’ll die of old age first.

I’m running 16GB on a NUC 7i7BNH which is the same spec as the original Nucleus+ Rev-A and I have ~350K tracks which performs fine. The original Nucleus had a SATA M.2 drive IIRC - at least my Nucleus (non+) did and I have Samsung NVM.e drives in both now. It also now runs @ 12GB Ram and copes ok with the same 350K tracks, but cant cope with some of the DSP demands.

I don’t know why but the Nucleus drives do seem to have a rather high failure rate if posts on the community give some indication. This applies to both the Rev A & B versions.

My feeling/memory was that these failures tended to be cheaper Transcend M2 units used for the database.

If you’re buying SSDs you won’t go far wrong sticking with Samsung.

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I couldn’t get one in South Africa I finished up with a Crucial 4Tb SSD .

5YR Guarantee, hope I don’t need it

My NUC is a 10i7 All loading and use so far is fine

Well in the current silicon shortage taking what you can get makes sense. Crucial is a pretty established commodity brand, I’ve had plenty of SODIMM chips from them over the years. I don’t think you’ll need the guarantee at all :slight_smile:

i have one 4tb and one 8tb 870qvo drive (but not in a nuclues). i think these drives are perfect for storing music on them. they are great
here in germany they are on sale on amazon from time to time. i paid 550€ for the 8tb version a few month ago

what it not help with is the performance of roon. before i had my files on 16tb ironwolfs.
i use roon only for a small music library. as soon as i set up my big audiobook library, roon gets completely unusable

Hi @Max_Hudini, I agree that the drives are pretty good for music but your post raises a good point.

This is likely true for the most part, reading an entire hi-res track from a conventional HDD is more than quick enough for Roon. SSDs have the advantage of being almost silent in operation (they do make a noise, if you “thrash one” and put your ear to it) compared to platter HDDs.

The factors influencing performance with a large library are:

  • RAM available to the core, 8GB becomes inadequate, 16 is better and 32 is still affordable; and
  • speed and quality of the drive on which the library DB is located, ideally this should be a quick M2 with adequate capacity.

Faster drives for audio files are unlikely to improve Roon performance.

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Installed two of these Crucial RAM 8GB DDR4 2666 MHz CL19 Laptop Memory CT8G4SFRA266 and it resolved a backup issue with 238,000+ tracks. Best of luck with your upgrade.

Get a couple of USB SATA connectors and hook both drives up to a laptop or similar?

Looking to replace my Samsung 860(might be dying)
What is the difference in the Samsung 870 QVO vs the 870 EVO?
BTW it going into a Nucleus rev a.


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Google is your friend here, basically, the QVO is a somewhat budget version, here’s the details:

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Although for media storage where there are very few updates the QVO is ideal

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