Sarah Dash needs editing [Resolved - submit correction on AMG site]

I do wish you would get an English speaker to edit your stuff. Half way down your account of Sarah Dash you use “pension” where “penchant” was needed.

Totally agree. I keep seeing ‘humour’ spelt as ‘humor’ and don’t get me started on neighb…

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Well, except US vs. UK spelling is not comparable to using the wrong word! The OP has a valid point.

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I agree, I was just fishing with my comment.

The error is still there. I wonder how much Roon would pay me to do the editing ? I have the time and (in my opinion) the skill.

They won’t, Roon use several meta data sources such as allmusic (use search for more details), you would need to submit edits there.

You are right, but if I were Roon I would correct errors when they were pointed out. It is not good for their reputation.

Hi @Dick_Cooper

Please use the template form when posting your metadata issues. This information helps us to maintain consistency and repurpose reports when we’re implementing system wide fixes of metadata displays. Most importantly, it helps us to have the source and location of the metadata error you’re reporting.

Additionally, please understand that our metadata improvement efforts are focused on system wide fixes. We don’t have the ability to jump into the metadata and make prescriptive changes. The information belongs to our metadata providers and we have to coordinate with them.

If you’d like to report the issue to AMG you can do so with this link, simply click Submit Corrections on the bio page. Thanks!

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