Saving edited credits in Roon (those are erased when the album is identified later)

Hi everybody!

First, I must say Roon is a very exciting project, and the best alternative I’ve found for a personal collection. I’ve accepted that it is not perfect and won’t be anytime soon. The best example is that I used to organize my music by artists, considering classical composers and pop/rock/etc performers, generally not main composers themselves, as main artists. So, for now, I accept to play the game: for my two first albums, the main artists for the opera albums are the conductors. I hope this will evolve.

But I’ve spent a lot of time to add the exact credits to these albums, not in the files, as I don’t know how to (is there a tag “CREDITS”, and if so, how do we precise every role of each people?), but directly in Roon. And I find the process nice.

But as my second album, a remaster released in 2017, is in the Roon database only in its 1990 edition, I didn’t want to wait years before completing its presentation and associated it. All my work was erased. Why are we not able to select Roon, File or Edited tags instead of just Roon or File tags? Why can’t we save our modifications, even if we identify an album later? Because it means there is no point in customising credits before identifying an album (which might not be in the database before a long time)?

And some choices from the database are not very exact. For example, I detailed every Vocals type (Tenor, Soprano, etc.) where the database just put every singers in the “Vocals” category. Another example I think is not great: Libretto’s writers (Oscar Wilde translated by Hedwig Lachmann) are put in the production crew as “Text” and “Text translator”. But there is a category “Libretto” (“Livret” in french), and this one is put with the artists, which makes more sense.

That’s it for my first days trying Roon. It was hard to understand some basic tagging practices to begin with. But overall I think this is a great software, which would gain from being more crowdsourced (typically, translations of description texts, exact composer’s catalog titles for classical piece, etc.).

Best regards,