Saving entire topics from Roon's Discourse forum

So useful are many of the topics in this forum that I really would like to save them in their entirety as PDFs (or in fact any format).

But I understand from this post that Discourse content is loaded dynamically on scrolling.

Has anyone found a way in either Safari 17.1 or Firefox 121.0 on macOS 13.6.1, please, that I can do this - save an entire topic, even if it’s 300 posts long?!

All the usual methods (Save as, Print, to PDF, webarchive etc) save only a portion of the topic - presumably because only part of it is loaded.

Paparazzi tries but fails.

Thanks in advance to anyone who’s made it work :slight_smile: .

It can probably be done somehow but is it worth it? Depending on what your goal is, but the advanced forum search and bookmarks for forum posts/threads are very helpful for finding/remembering stuff.

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I expect you know which thread I’m thinking of :slight_smile: in particular.

If it’s to be archived and permanently available indefinitely, then it isn’t worth it, No. Especially since I do hope to have become familiar with all of its contents very soon.

But if it should ever disappear…

I guess we can never be sure, but the forum is going back ages already to a time where much that was said about the software is not true anymore. So I hope as long as what the thread contains is relevant, it will be there.

Else, it can surely be scripted (but is it worth it) and there might by apps (?) - the problem is widespread on Google

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Agreed. I have in the past seen apps which claim to be able to do that for long scrolling ‘pages’, and never bothered to look into them.

The fact that content is loaded dynamically would seem to rule it out as anything worth doing.

So far the best I’ve managed is a DEVONThink Pro webarchive.

@Mark_Sealey - I used this browser extension successfully on the thread I am pretty sure you are referring to:

…and it successfully made a 98MB PDF of it (all from images - 11 very tall images - of course, but it made quick work of it.)

You will have to make sure you open the thread and scroll from the very first to the very last post before you run the extension so that it is aware of all of the content.

Thanks so much, @DDPS!

I came across it and a video on its use while I was (‘re’)searching and posted here.

If it worked for other browsers (Mac users tend to steer clear of Chrome… it can irredeemably compromise Apple soft- and hardware), I’d definitely take a look.

Thanks too for taking the trouble to test it on ‘the’ (gigantic: sorry) thread :slight_smile:

98 MB! That’s big.

Take care…

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I used it on Brave.

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Might it also work on Safari, do you think, @DDPS?

I don’t think so - although there might be equivalents.

Brave is a really great privacy-focused browser that is an excellent companion to Safari, and the Chrome extension ecosystem is more vast than that for Safari. I use Brave as my primary, and Safari as my secondary.

Even if you have Brave just for this extension, I think it should be worth it for you.

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Thanks, @DDPS; Brave has been on my list to look at for some time.

That time has now come. Your suggestions much appreciated!