Saving space by using links for images?

I had already added a reasonable number of .jpg files, which I’m going to try to replace with url links to save the database on my ssd from unnecessary megabites to jpg files, do you know where I can find those jpg files to delete them?

Unfortunately, this isn’t how Roon works. All images are saved to the database, including links from URLs.

You can use Library Cleanup (in Settings > Library) to make Roon forget about media (meaning audio files) you no longer have in your collection, but there’s no way to change how the Roon database stores or handles artwork. This is just how the system architecture works.

Yes, but is roon saving the .jpg or only the url name

The image file itself is always saved to the database.

wow, i have a lot of them

When I look with windows expolder I see a lot of pictures that I have nothing of in my music collection, a not unnecessary load for the ssd disc where I have roon installed

Question: are those big files or maybe just some thumbnails cached for album identification preview? I don’t think roons image db is easily browsable anyway. But even if it takes a couple of GB in space does it really matter?

Of course, I should not worry about that, but I still find it unnecessary taxation.
For example, I saw 2x the same jpg cover art, one of 256x256 (15kb) and one of 1024x1024 (263kb), while my own added cover art is a jpg of 400x400 (46kb).

In my opinion, this can affect the speed of the search function

My experience through my interactions with the dev team tells me they don’t do things without thinking through the pros and cons incl. performance, maintainability and long term impact on product evolution. It’s a lot faster accessing discrete images than doing on the fly conversion and storage is cheap. From a user perspective, architecturally speaking, the product is what it is. Search is instantaneous in my setup and my library comprises many thousands of albums, in fact my Roon database folder tree holds somewhere between 20 and 30 GB and still yields instant results…ergo your concerns re search speed are ill-founded.