Saving tracks to a Qobuz playlist

This seems an odd missing feature - when playing a qobuz track in Roon, I click to add to a playlist, and none of my Qobuz playlists are showing, i just get a message box stating no playlists, make a new one etc. Even Sonos can manage this operation, so am assuming some setting needs changing somewhere, but i can’t find it…

Roon can only save tracks to a playlist created in Roon. It cannot modify a Qobuz playlist. You can import a Qobuz playlist to make a local copy which you can then change. However, there is no way to then send the changes back to Qobuz.


You can’t have a mixed playlist sync back to Qobuz. Roons playlists are location agnostic it combines whatever streaming service you have with local files there is no separation. Sonos won’t sync a playlist that’s made up from multiple sources it has to be created from the Qobuz API in the Qobuz section it’s very differnt… Roon doesnt use the API for playlists other than sync ones from Qobuz to Roon where they cease being Qobuz playlists and become Roon ones. Roon doesnt silo off each service like others do. I do agree it should have the option to create a Qobuz only or Tidal only list that could sync back, but not sure they see it that way.

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I just saved a Qobuz Playlist in Roon as a local playlist. I then added a track, changed the name of the playlist, and exported to a file. Then I used TuneMyMusic to import the playlist into Qobuz. Not a problem.

You can export the file to Qobuz, Tidal, Apple Music or any other platform your program allows. I have created several playlist in Roon using Qobuz linked albums then exported back to Qobuz, Tidal, and Apple Music using TuneMyMusic.

That said, if the tracks don’t exist on the other platforms, they won’t be in the playlist. I have not had that happen yet.

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It seems odd that Audirvana’s 3.5 allows one to create and add to Qobuz playlists directly but Roon does not have that feature.


It is disappointing that we can’t add to Qobuz/Tidal only playlists from within Roon. I maintain a ‘new singles’ and a ‘Gym’ playlist in Qobuz and when Roon Radio serves up a track I’d like to add to either of those playlists it’s too much friction to have to go into the Qobuz app to find and add the track to the Qobuz playlist.

I get the mixed playlist issue but this other use case must surely be pretty common.

I am wondering which side the issue sits on… Back in January Qobuz released a review of the Roon Nucleus and Roon as a Service (Qobuz - Roon Nucleus Test and one of the few con was the lack of „Qobuz playlist management“. I’d think that Qobuz would not list this as a negative if playlist management was not even possible under their APIs.

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Roons I would bet as they don’t use the api in the same way as others at all. Roon hosts all of the library data from Qobuz remember your not looking via the api when you add songs to a playlist.

You have to choose it to be a Qobuz list in other apps Roon has no such choices likely as they added streaming on after release and the way they deal with playlists is tied to they way they built it originally and fits with their agnostic approach that music is not segregated by where it comes from.

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I also would want the feature to maintain qobuz, tidal, etc playlists with roon. Its really a bummer this is not possible, especially when on the move using qobuz for streaming. 3rd party tools for syncing spoil the experience…

Out of curiosity, why not just keep / create the playlists in Roon? You can then use Arc to listen on the move and add whatever you like to Roon playlists?

Some time ARC is not working. My Carplay for example, no ARC carplay app, only qobuz.

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For me, the playlist master is in the native streaming app, and that’s the one I want to curate. I can add tracks to Qobuz when using Sonos for example, I often use my phone as a music source when travelling (UAPP for that) which would mean I’d have to maintain two playlists.

Ah, I was under the impression that Roon worked with Sonos.

As Arc has a bit perfect mode now, why do you prefer UAPP?

Never investigated if Roon works with Sonos, that could be interesting if it does, as I’m trying to figure out how to connect Roon to a new Denon amp I’ve just bought.
Not tried ARC, UAPP paid for some time ago with the Toneboosters add on. Works brilliantly with my LG V50 phone, so never had the need to try anything else tbh.

EDIT: I just checked, my Sonos S2 system is showing up on my Roon network, unfortunatlely the S1 system that has an old connect attached to my current hifi system isn’t showing…