Saving upsampled files for re-use?

Upsampling (filtering, etc) is a costly process. A basic Nucleus without DSP might consume about 10W. A SonicTransporter i9, with DSP running, apparently consumes around 90W.

Would it make sense, at least for frequently-played tracks, to be able to save off the output of various digital signal processes for later re-use? I’m thinking (as a minimum) of something like the iTunes command to “create lossless version” in Roon DSP or HQPlayer. For the first time yesterday, I used this function in iTunes (on some AAC files) then played the results in Roon (HQplayer). I did not do a systematic A-B comparison, but seem to notice a big SQ improvement. Although in some cases maybe the effect sounded a little exaggerated/unnatural.

I don’t think it is worth the hassle or the cost in extra hardware (drives) and the power to keep them going.

However, if you want to do that then, you should look into HQPlayer Pro. That is one of the things it is designed directly to do. I upsampled several CD 44.1 to DSD 256 with differing filter options during my testing of the software. Works like a champ. I just don’t need it.

Thanks, Rugby. I figured there already must be some applications to do that.

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