"Say, What's This Playing Now, Honey?"

It is time again for my periodic request for an overhaul of the Chromecast display of album information. I believe I may be engaging in axe-grinding, but since there has never been an official response or debate on the subject from Roon, perhaps mine is an axe that should be re-ground.

Basically, the display needs redesigning to accommodate classical albums. Current display shortcomings include: no display of composer; no complete display of WORK title; no display of Artist/s names performing a particular track; no complete display of the PART name or number; and no display of artist names on artwork. The need case for the overhaul is simple: the present display does not, and can not, adequately identify the WORKs being played.

I think implementation will require a new Classical webpage template which would be used for Classical-tagged albums; all other albums could stay with the current format. Or, another implementation route would be to give users the necessary tools to customize their own webpage templates as is being done in the Tinkering section.

But however the project is done, it should be a high priority, high payoff, low investment affair worthy of Roon’s consideration. I do not think it would disrupt other programming already in place.

Thank you for considering this.

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