Saying Goodbye to the LS50 Wireless 2s

Today I removed my LS50 W2s from the lounge pending installation of a new traditional hifi system which will arrive in stages over the next 3 weeks, assuming dealer promises hold true. I will be hurtling the KEFs into the nearest skip bin.

I bought the KEFs almost exactly 18 months ago.

While we’ve absolutely loved the sound of the KEFs, they are altogether too glitchy and too buggy for our tastes. We’ve coped with “speaker not found” errors, poor integration with Roon, sub-switching issues and various other problems since ownership. Some issues seem to have been resolved with firmware updates; others have always popped up in their place. If it is not one thing it is another. KEF’s answer to any query (“wire the speakers”) is simply not an adequate support response for speakers that are sold on being “wireless”.

We had a dinner party on Saturday and guess what? The secondary speaker went MIA, repeatedly throughout the evening, a new bug for us. Quite embarrassing and just the prompt I needed to ditch the KEFs altogether. (the fault has persisted since the dinner party).

I’d advise anyone looking at buying these speakers (and certainly the more costly LS60s) to go in with their eyes open. They do sound good. OTOH, the platform engineering, in my view, falls well short of what might be expected in terms of resilience. While KEF may be right that active speakers are the way of the future, they certainly won’t be unless the engineering quality improves.

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So sorry that you’ve lived with this crud. That said, I love the LS50 sound. Someone who lives in Australia should come take them off your hands and try to wire them :slight_smile:

I wish I was there… was in Sydney on business a few months ago!

Good luck.

Maybe you just have a dodgy pair ?. Have had LS50 WII for about 8 months now and they haven’t skipped a beat.

Oh, I definitely have a dodgy pair! But great to hear yours are working fine. Many people seem to have no issues with them. However, for those of us that do, there comes a point where you just have to wipe the slate clean and start again.


This sounds a very sorry tale - my sympathies! Here in wet Melbourne, we had to wait a while before these speakers became available, but after the Roon Ready nonsense which took a while I would say I’m OK - but not delighted! I’ve always used them with ethernet cable linking and hard wired to my router. Even with this very solid connection, they do still miss a beat - and switching between sources is glitchy. I wouldn’t be throwing them away though - they work well as computer speakers, and the app is very good compared to the others available. Take care!

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Thanks Austar. The comment about throwing them in the skip was probably more a reflection of my exasperation than reality; they may yet find another life in my downstairs office, where I am able to wire them up without worrying about cables trailing everywhere. But as the main house system, they don’t meet user-stability requirements as they have to work for me, my wife and teenage daughters.

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Would they work better using a WIFI RPi4 wired with USB to the KEF’s?

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Have you contacted the dealer you got them from?
Have you attempted a warranty repair on them?

I’d urge you to do this rather than skip them.

I recently purchased the LS60s with a certain amount of trepidation about the issues you raise which can bedevil any wifi sound setup. I had contingency plans around installing ethernet cable (at some expense) if the wifi didn’t work.

I have to say that I am amazed how stable they have proven to be. I have had them for over a week now and have used them regularly without one drop out. Even switching to another set of speakers using Roon has been flawless.

In fact, they have proven to be the least troublesome component of my hifi system that I have ever set up (that also includes Devialet and Bluesound).

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I recently bought the LS60’s and find them to be 100% solid… unlike the LSX’s I had when they first came out. The LSX’s were, in my experience, tricky to set up and moderately unstable. The LS60’s were much easier to set up and very stable. I think the new app (which doesn’t work for the LSX’s) has made the difference.

Funny, I have a conventional setup with LS50 Metas and was thinking of going to the W2’s …the opposite of your future.

Seems others have a solid experience…could it be your WiFi/router/local interference? How do you send music (WiFi or Ethernet?)

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The W2s are now set up in my study, fully wired. They seem to work fine that way for the most part but I do still have occasional episodes where the app fails to find the speakers and proclaims them to be offline. And episodes where the secondary speaker will not work without rebooting it. Annoying but more liveable than under wireless mode.

As for why they were so glitchy in wireless format, I really don’t know. Interference or a problematic router is a possibility. However, we went through about 3 different routers in an effort to troubleshoot the speakers without success. No other wireless devices in the house ever have any stability issues, ever. A wifi sniffer reveals little channel congestion. In the end, I have to conclude that the wifi section of the speakers is just not that well implemented or that my speakers have a faulty component(s). KEF’s support suggestion in this case is to hard wire the speakers, but this begs the question, why call them wireless speakers if they are not up to the task. It is a bit like a snow tire manufacturer who when asked why their tires do not grip well in the snow, suggests that they only be used on precipitation free asphalt!!

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Saying goodbye to my LS50 Wireless v1 too. After nearly 5 years of fun, the amp of the main and slave speaker need to be replaced. Now left with two expensive paper weights.

:frowning: but, paperweights, love your dark humour :slight_smile:
Aren’t still in to a guarantee?

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From memory only 2 years warranty, and many active speakers have poor warranty.
Though starting to see 5 year warranties now, but nothing like traditional Hi-fi.