SB Touch as display/remote control for another Roon endpoint?

I’m currently using a SBT to get audio from Roon into my USB DAC. It works great, with one limitation: I can’t play anything higher than 24/192 PCM or DSD64 (via DoP).

I have a spare 6th gen iPod touch which can now be a Roon endpoint and supports higher bit rates through the USB3 adaptor. That plays music fine, but I lose the convenient SBT display and IR remote.

Can I use the SBT as a Roon Remote to show me the current track info and control play/pause/skip for music playing through the iPod as Roon Endpoint to USB DAC?

I’m having a similar issue. I believe the SBT will pass DSD128/256/512 via DoP to a connected USB DAC, but Roon locks the DSD settings on the DSP page to DSD64, and the device setup page for the SBT doesn’t provide any ability to specify a maximum DSD rate.

DSD 64 DOP requires a 176.4 PCM stream which is right at the limit of the SBT’s limit of 192. DSD 128 DOP requires 352.8 PCM, which is over the limit of an SBT.

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Thank you for the quick reply!

Bumping this and making it a feature request as below:

I want to use a SBT as

  • a display to let me know what’s playing (esp in shuffle mode)
  • an input for IR remote play/pause/skip commands

But for reasons of higher resolution support and better sound quality, I want a different Roon endpoint (eg a USB to IIS converter) to be receiving the actual audio data. The SBT would not be in the audio playback chain.

Any chance that Roon would consider this please? Any suggested alternatives?

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If you want to suggest this raise it under Feature Requests