SB Transporter - VU Meter - Right Hand Display Panel


First off - long time SB user. First time Roon user. Loving Roon - almost as much as my wife who has spent all day re-discovering her music collection via the wonderful Roon UI.

Quick aesthetic question: will it be possible to have the Transporter VU meters display on the right hand display panel?

Currently if I set the Display Style to Roon Logo + VU Meter - the VU meter element displays within the left hand display panel along with the Roon Logo. Wondering if the right hand VU meter is feasible as per standard Transporter functionality.



Roon rightly gets a lot of praise on this forum, but that’s topped them all… :smile: :wink:

(Ps welcome aboard Chris)

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With my wife that would be Donny Osmond (known to our friends across the pond) and the Bay City Rollers (San Franciscans will need to look them up)…

Always hankered after a Transporter.

unfortunately, Roon can do little with the Transporter display. I’d love to have it display what’s now playing (which movement of the symphony I’m on, for instance). Interestingly, the Logitech Touch will do this, but NOT the Transporter is older tech and Roon developers can’t/won’t take the time=money to engineer a solution for the few people who would benefit.

At least it plays lossless FLAC and higher bitrate (but not DSD) music files. Mine sounds fantastic!