SB3 doesn't play nice [Resolved]

I just got a Roon trial and try to connect one of my 2 SB3.

I connected them just fine. did the factory reset and restarted the synology NAS that runs the Roon server.

When I try to play any album it just skips from song to song without playing any.
It starts song1, immidiatelly goes to song2, etc, etc
When it gets to the end of the album the SB goes in standby.

Any suggestions?

found it! it is the firewall on the NAS.

I already openend UDP 9003 and TCP 9100-9200
That was not enough. Only when I disabled the FW the SB worked.

I prefer to turn the FW back on. Do we know what ports are used between the NAS and the SB3?


okey, I was to quick to scream for help ā€¦

ports 9000 and 3483 are used

Iā€™m all set :slight_smile:

I found another port that needed to be opened: 17784 (without this my SBT was unable to be visible to Roon.