SBC with the best built-in WiFi performance

Hi @MichaIng what is the SBC with best built-in WiFi performance? Supported by DietPi

In your personal experience

SBC? /10char

Yes we’re in the DietPi section here

Single Board Computer

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Best as In performance for wifi? I dont use it but when I did try it out the Pi3b+ was great and the 4

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TBH I have just two SBCs with internal WiFi here and haven’t really done any performance measurements.

From RPi 3B+ I remember there was an issue that one wasn’t able to disable Bluetooth (and hence free the additional UART) without disabling WiFi as well, but this has been solved AFAIK (no reply from user, but no second report).

Nowadays if WiFi is important I’d watch out for one of the boards with WiFi 5/ac, like most RK3399 (ROCK Pi 4) and RK356x (Quartz64) SoC based ones have it, but also Raspberry Pi 4, of course.

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