Scala Radio stream not active

Seems like the Scala Radio (UK DAB) link has broken. Was working this morning but now is reported as “station no longer exists” :frowning:

Streams ok for me in UK on

Do you mean DAB?

Ok, I’ve just fixed them.

Problem is a bug with geo-restricted steams. I’ve told Roon

Thanks - working fine now - much appreciated

Anyone else seeing all of their radio stations disappear after upgrading to the new Roon version today? Even BBC Radio stations show message “station unavailable - station no longer exists” :frowning:

There are two separate issues -
the general “can’t get live radio at all”, which is because of Roon’s backend servers; this should resolve itself very soon, and apparently a reboot helps

and the geo-restrictions bug. This will be affecting all high quality BBC streams. I’ve temporarily sorted BBC 1,2,3,4,5 and 6.

Is it this second issue that is affecting you?

Hi Brian - yes both of those. Both seem to be fixed now :+1:

Thanks for your help

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