Scanning my CD artwork and looking for new scanner

Hi all,

I currently have a Canon 9000 scanner but unfortunately the software/scanner does not currently work on macOS Catalina (which I am on.)

Can anyone recommend a good scanner with decent out-of-the-box scanning software I can use for my Roon project?

I have been looking at the Canon Lide 400 but seems to get mixed reviews.


You may want to try VueScan rather than buy another scanner. The Canon 9000F and 900F Mk II are supported on Catalina. You can check if it supports your scanner using the free trial software:

Have you tried using the built in image capture app with no extra drivers? I have a canon 5600 and it works ok. I tried a vuescan trial, but it’s an expensive crappy looking windows port that didn’t work anyway. Glad I didn’t buy it, a new scanner would be cheaper.

Ah, thanks Martin.

Just to check this will not mess up my existing drivers etc I have installed for other scanners?

Hi Mike, when did you trial VueScan? Was it a long time ago? It looks pretty ok on their website (interface-wise).

Looking at pricing, indeed it could be cheaper to buy a new scanner for that money.

I tried VueScan directly after upgrading to Catalina and discovering that my scanner software was incompatible. I wasn’t impressed. After googling the problem, I tried the built in “image capture” program, and was surprised to see my Canon 5600 was detected and worked. Have you tried this?

Thanks for that Mike.

No I haven’t tried the image capture app actually. That does not give you any editing tools though?

What I liked about the CanoScan utilities was that it allowed me to pre-set a filter, reduce dust etc before actually scanning it.

Will give Image Capture a go first.

I’ve been using a Xerox 3220 for a few years and it’s been perfectly reliable. The feeder is at least an order of magnitude better than the HP all in one I used to have.

Have you tried Googling for your artwork?, i.e. “the Beatles abbey road cd art” then filtering for the highest resolution. Once found can be downloaded and copied, pasted. I use this method with dbpoweramp as sometimes it does not retrieve the correct album art or it is very low resolution. A lot quicker than using a scanner.

My Canon 9000 eventually gave up the ghost, i originally bought it to scan my 35mm slides to jpeg

I replaced it with a cheap and cheerful Lide 220, using Canons native app and ScanGear

Scanning something as big as a CD booklet st say 400 dpm should be fine . Only if you plan to scan all the pages , if not i would follow the advice above and look for a source on the internet

Roon seems to find 1500x1500 for covers