Scheduling for library scan/feature request

This would be a feature request.

  1. Currently, roon will scan library based on the settings of every 1/2/4/8/12/24 hours. It would be nice if it can be scheduled based on time, like 12AM, such that it does not interfere with normal system operation.
    The problem that I’m running into is that if I’m trying to stream high bit rate like DSD128 or above, if I have library scanning at the same time to the same network drive, I could run into audio stuttering. (note that my content is stored on a NAS). It’s even worse if the system start doing multiple folders library scan. If I can schedule the library scan during off hours, it would conveniently solve the problem.

  2. A second feature request is to ask user to confirm the action of removal of library folders in Settings-storage. It happened to me when I was trying to click on EDIT on an iPad and I accidentally hit Remove. Then I have to add back the library folder and start the scan again.

I moved it to #feedback:feature-suggestions so that people can vote for it (and you as well)