Schiit Modi MQA Settings

Since Schiit does not use MQA would the best set up for Rasberry Pi running RoPieeXL into a usb into the Schiit Modi DAC be to set it to “No MQA Support” ?

Yes, correct.

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In fact even if your DAC / Steamer can do full MQA most of the time roon should be set to doing the first stage as most cores will outperform a DAC in this role.

Not sure I get this at all, I would think an MQA DAC is very capable of decoding MQA, the job it was designed and certified for. There is nothing wrong with experimenting though, and decide with your ears.

I find my Lumin’s have better results with MQA when roon does the heavy lifting on the first unfold and let the D1/2 do the last part.I don’t have experience with other MQA DACs, but my Core has much more grunt than any DAC

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A simple question
Simple answer - YES :slight_smile:

Do you know why the automatic setting is set “renderer only” and not “No MQA support”?

Sorry for not replying sooner. No, I don’t. Just seems to be a default setting within Roon as far as I can see.