Schoenberg op. 10 confusion

I just imported a new release including Schoenberg Quartet no. 2 op. 10. The work has been identified by Roon as the string orchestra transcription of the quartet, which is incorrect. My tags are perfectly Allmusic-compatible, but this has not helped.

The Borodin release in the performances list at the bottom is also unidentified, but gets the correct linkage.

I fear something has got confused in Roon’s back end?..

This turned out to be a metadata error in the metadata source which was corrected within a few days as if by magic… (It’s a new release, so they were perhaps still working on it.)

Weird. Mine is still messed up even though I removed the album folder from my watched folder, rescanned, cleaned up the library, moved the folder back, and rescanned again. I confirmed that the WORK tag has exactly the string for the work.

Is it showing as identified? What library/metadata options do you have selected?

Shows as identified, but that album is not (yet?) on Library/metadata options are the defaults.

Not all metadata comes from Allmusic. This one comes from Musicbrainz. But that doesn’t answer why you haven’t got the correction.

I bought the download from eClassical, and as usual from them, the metadata was messed up. I initially added WORK and PART tags based on Allmusic. The WORK string for Quartet no. 4 is the same in Allmusic and Musicbrainz, but the WORK string for Quartet no. 2 is different between the two sites. So I just tried moving out the album, cleaning up the library, editing the WORK tag to match Musicbrainz, and reimporting the album. No luck. And I have no other performances of no. 2, so this should not be a confusion in Roon’s object-oriented database (I think). Very puzzling.

WORK and PART strings in file tags are not currently used for identification. We support them as a means of preferring your own names and performance track groupings.

that’s weird, because to me at least it often LOOKS as if Roon would only start to reckognize works in its own metadata language, when I had filled WORK and PART. Since I do normally maintain my work names in german I realize that change pretty quickly.

I think you’re talking about two difference processes: @joel means “identification” of the album in total you are talking about “recognising works” in the sense of matching them with others in your library.

yes I do - then I missed that meaning in joels response, sorry

Let’s go back to @Fernando_Pereira’s problem with this album.


remove from library
clean up library (Settings/Library/Clean Up Library)
make a working copy of the files
strip ALL metadata from files.
Add back track numbers (one series, consecutive), and ALBUMARTIST Gringolts ALBUM Schoenberg
Reimport only this test copy to Roon

Hi @joel, the problem here is not identification of the album. It is identified correctly. The problem is that the first work (String Quartet no. 2) is mapped incorrectly to its orchestral arrangement. However, the Musicbrainz entry from which (according to @Ludwig) the Roon metadata was derived has the correct information for String Quartet no. 2).

Followed your suggestion, same problem. Could it be that Roon metadata is not in sync across locales? I’m in the US.

All items in your library are updated on a round robin basis. It can take the best part of a week to get through everything (which is why I always say “may take a week to filter through to your library” when I make an edit).

@Fernando_Pereira Can you give this a few more days and get back to me if nothing changes?