Screen failure Ropieee XL

For some reason my Pi3+ gives a connection failure on the screen.

Music is playing fine, so there must be a connection with my Roon core. Everything was working fine and I don’t play with the settings. I’m running RoPieee XL on a Pi3 B+ with a 7" Raspberry touchscreen and a Iqaudio Pi Digiamp+.
What could be wrong?

Is the extension enabled?

Which extension? I did not alter anything in my configuration.
I think this happend after the last update which took a couple of resets to get my Pi working again.

In Roon Settings —> Extensions.

That happened to me and I had to re-enable the extension in Roon - Settings.

It’s working again. When I look in Roon Settings->Extensions I can see that Spockfish is running. But that was always the case.