Screen functionality question about SB Touch

Can someone who has a SB Touch just explain what functionality you get on the screen when it is connected to Roon?
In particular, can I navigate the music collection I have on the Roon core and…really importantly…switch to Internet Radio and select stations?
Can I have station presets and can I control the overall volume?

What about those fab Squeezebox analogue VU meters? :slight_smile:

Thanks a bundle!

I have two Squeezbox Touch and the functionality is very basic. You can play/pause, skip forward/backward. I frequently find that these controls stop working (they ‘blink’ when tapped but don’t do anything). This is fixed by a restart of the roon core. (Perhaps something for @support to investigate?)

The VU meters are available at a tap of the screen, as is the ‘now playing’ screen.

To switch Internet radio stations I use the remotes. Don’t think there’s a way to do it directly from the Touch screen (but would be happy to be told otherwise!)

Very grateful that roon added squeezebox support!

Thanks for the reply.
Mmm sounds like the Touch is not working happily with Roon… frequently restarting the Roon Core is not good!
Would you not recommend buying a second hand one then?

Also can you select different albums as opposed to just skip forward/backward?

As I wrote before, the Squeezebox Touch functionality with roon is very basic. You can’t select a different album, just play/pause/skip the currently playing album/playlist/queue.

You can also toggle random, repeat and change volume (if not set to fixed).

If I didn’t already have Squeezebox Touch (as well as an old SB3) I would probably set up Ropiee players that support RAAT instead.

That said, with the EDO option enabled for 24/192 the Touch sounds good to me.

As for the buttons not working from time to time, that’s no biggie except for when someone else in the household decides they don’t like what’s playing and go to skip to the next track. When skipping on the Touch fails there is a big risk that the other person will switch to normal analog radio, e.g. Lugna Favoriter (Swedes will know what I mean…) if I can’t quickly open the roon remote on my iPhone to save the day :slight_smile:

OK thanks for this info.