Screen Pixalation

I’ve noticed an intermittent pixalation of the elements on screen especially in dark screen mode. Has anyone else had this problem?

On my Android I have a less sharp image when I don’t run it full screen, apparently there is some scaling done for that specific screen size.
Do you have more details on your setup?

If it’s like a quick flicker of the screen, I can confirm this. I haven’t noticed it happening too often, but it does happen. Dark mode, Mac mini HDMI out to TV, full screen mode.

Yes this is on my Mac Mini with 21" screen not mobile.
I run this through my Meridian Explorer2 DAC to my Oppo PM3 Headphones

I wouldn’t say its a screen flicker, more that the elements on screen like the playlist + sign, favorite heart and others, pixelate. Doesn’t affect the sound quality, just visually disappointing.

OK, I see. No, I don’t get that.

What resolution are you running at?

1920x1080, why would that make a difference?

Can you post a screenshot? It would help us understand exactly what it is you’re seeing and have a better idea of what’s going on.

I will do when it’s doing it. It happens intermittently.

Hi @brian

Screen pixelation happened tonight, here’s a screen shot.


Hope that work as couldn’t upload from a file on my system so this is from the web via Firefox.