Screen saver design

A few things seem out of place in the design.

From a graphical viewpoint the black background of the close button doesn’t match the rest of the design. The width (thickness) of the circle is also incorrect in relation to the play button.

Actually I don’t think the button is even needed at all. There’s a lot of open space on the page. How about clicking anywhere in-screen to close the screensaver. (as already implemented to collapse the dropdown bio and album reviews)

The "transfer to … "dropdown menu is identical to the one in the queue but feels very out of place on the screensaver. It would look a whole lot better if it were transparant. I wouldn’t even mind loosing that functionality in a screensaver.

It would also be nice to have the full screen icon available on all pages, not just the queue.
This is important for tablets as now it’s not a one press action.

This is not a problem on a computer as cmd (or ctrl) + s will instantly bring up the screensaver.

See also:

In Roon the “screensaver” is accessed with the “full screen icon” currently only available in the queue or with the keyboard shortcut cmd (ctrl) + S. An option to have this screen show after x amount of time without user interaction would be great.

My remaks here are about the actual design of this page. specifically this area:

I’ve been designing an actual screensaver (one that comes up automatically and is not interactive) and in the process noticed how terrible that part of our current “screensaver” looks. I’m gonna clean this up.


Roon is awesome. However the screensaver/now playing screen is so ho hum. It looks like every other platform out there. Where is the innovation and gorgeous visuals I associated with Roon.

It’s coming :wink:


Hi @Brian2, any progress on a dedicated Now Playing screen ??

I have my NUC connected to a 75 inch TV and I want it to default to a proper Now Playing screen every time. At the moment I have to get out a Bluetooth mouse and do a few clicks to get the current Now Playing screen up…