Screenshot request from iPhone 11/12 Pro Max

Could someone provide a screenshot of any playlist from iPhone 11/12 Pro Max? I am considering upgrade for my mobile and I wonder how much details it can show. On my iPhone 12 Pro it looks awful. Thanks!

Here you go iPhone 12 max pro screenshots

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Thanks. Looks the same. :frowning: No album covers miniatures next to titles. I miss them a lot.

Maybe an iPad will be in your future

I don’t want to have yet another device just to use it as a remote. I always have my mobile with me and I would love to use it for convenient Roon control.

All phones show the same interface. PC tablets have the full interface.

Yeah, that’s why I am looking for an alternative to Roon. Sadly Audirvana can’t be installed on Linux. :frowning:

Sure, I am aware of it and I am also considering this. But having yet another device to charge and take with me for holidays just because of the new UI that I don’t like, simply puts me off. I always have my phone with me and I got used to controlling music playback with it. Roon ruined my user experience with this little change and I am simply looking for a new solution rather than changing my habits. :wink: It really could be configurable if they really see the point of removing albums miniatures for playlists.

Anyway, thanks for the advice. I still have quite long Roon subscription, so I will take my time to find the best solution for me. Definitely, iPhone max is not the one.