Scrobble Internet Radio Tracks

Scrobbling to Last.FM is great. Support for streaming Internet radio is great. Many Internet radio stations send artist / track information that Roon is able to recognize.[1] So why not use that information for scrobbling the tracks? For those of us who use Last.FM to keep track of our listening–and who very much appreciate Roon’s support for it–this would be extremely useful.

[1] For example, WFMU’s Rock 'n Soul Ichiban station:


Hey I have that on right now!

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This would be great, if it can be done.

The Scrobbling Documentation contains this proviso:

Do not attempt to determine a track’s meta data from its filename. Please only use meta data from well-structured sources such as ID3 tags.

The information provided by Internet Radio may not reach the required standard of metadata.

In another section the Documentation refers to a “chosen by user” flag which is not set in circumstances including a radio show by a DJ or host. So radio is allowed as a scrobbling source, but the chosen by user flag would not be set. I think that means the Track is still is included in the profile of the user, but can be excluded from a report.

I think that ship sailed long ago. See, e.g., is an interesting concept. Looking at the scrobbling documentation link above, I can see why there may exist scenarios where an individual, or a service such as might not want to log music that a user does not have direct control over choosing (or advancing through).

On the flip side, listening to a playlist like Tidal’s Weekly Brew could be very similar.; I’m tuning into a playlist, much like an Internet radio station, however, I don’t have control in selection of songs, just if I fast-forward and/or rewind through said selection of songs. Again, this is another great venue for learning about new artists and songs, which makes the interest similar in nature to that of Internet radio.

Either way, my main goal in this scrobbling endeavor is not to get everything into if that turns out to not be the appropriate venue, but what I would like to see is a way to bookmark a song I like–easily–even if that just dumps the song to a text document somewhere.

In the end, I just want to say “I like this song on the radio, let me remember it for later.”


hmm, doesn’t seem to support any of the DI.FM stations. At this point, and I guess it’s about as lightweight as I could hope for, I could just take a screenshot of now playing when a song comes on that I’m interested in during a nighttime listening session.

Clunky, yes, but might be the path of least resistance at this point.

There is another Feature Request thread about capturing Internet Radio in History or otherwise enabling Playlists from Internet Radio.

I would love to see such a feature.

Not to p1ss on the parade but a radio station can play music I like or detest. Why would I want Last FM thinking I listen to David Soul just because a station I listened to was doing a show on some of the most execrable songs in history?

I think this request needs a bit more thought.

Disclaimer: I did once own the single of “don’t give up on us b/w Black bean Soup.


As long as the songs were marked “chosen by [radio station]” in the same fashion as Roon history and could be filtered out there shouldn’t be a problem. That gives you plausible deniability when being interrogated regarding your repressed appreciation of David Soul. I on the other hand have some Bucks Fizz hidden away in my history without any Internet Radio excuse (The Land of Make Believe has an interesting chord progression !).

Mind you, I have lived with blokes who would not have thought twice about putting the radio on non-stop to “Polka Greats of the Fifties” when I was out of the house, just to muck around with my statistics.

It’s easy enough to delete plays on

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