Scroll not functioning on trackpad with Magic Keyboard on 4th gen iPad Pro

Hi everyone,

We don’t have anything to announce at this time, but we are grateful for the feedback we’ve received so far and will continue to monitor the number of requests to add support for Magic Keyboard/Trackpads.


Thank you Dylan, appreciate the updates. Is it something at least you’re planning to update in the near future? There’s a big community of Apple users who love and use Roon everyday and we should be supporting this feature in the next upcoming release. Thanks for your support.

On April 22nd, it was exactly one year since the first request for Roon to correct this problem. They never gave due attention, unfortunately. I love Roon but not solving a basic problem like this is unforgivable. But I’m still waiting.

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+1, very distracting implementation. I have even switched back to the traditional iPad cover without keyboard in between, but this is obviously not a solution to the problem.


+1… seriously I think there’s at least 100+ Apple users and fans of Roon who are struggling everyday so we say it’s time to support this… happy to be a BETA tester :blush:.

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Oh, dang. I missed this thread before and started another thread. I have the same problem with the new iPad Pro 12.9 2021 (5th gen) and latest Magic Keyboard. This makes for a really crappy user experience. Ugh.

As I understand it, Roon use some kind of outdated and bloated framework to develop their apps and unlike every other developer on the planet, they’ve found that trackpad gesture support is a challenge too far.

Let me know if that changes and I will restart my subscription as soon as :slight_smile: .


Yeah, this is just silly that the trackpad is a fail for Roon. Everything else I have on iPad OS just works correctly in that regard. More reason to stop spending money on Roon. Lack of album label search in Qobuz being another

Hilarious. Over a year later and they still haven’t managed to figure out how to make the trackpad work like every other app.


I wonder if anything is happening with this, it’s really frustrating.

I might just go back to Apple Music via airplay if it’s not sorted soon and spend the Roon monthly sub on Spotify.

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Hey Phil,

Thanks for getting in touch about this. We appreciate you letting us know how important support for the Apple Magic Keyboard is for you, that it will determine whether you become a subscriber.

As much as we’d love for you to join us, I’m afraid I don’t have a timeline to share on when this feature will be integrated.

I wish I had the answer you were hoping for,

It’s not a feature. It’s basic hardware support. Even the smallest of developers have managed it, never mind those charging hundreds of pounds a year in subscription charges.

On the bright side, this failure has saved me a fortune, and my world hasn’t caved in without Roon.


I wonder if Roon are monitoring all the threads that relate to this subject, because I have certainly posted on many occasions. Just in case they are not, I will add my weight to this threads request. It really should be ‘basic’ functionality and not treated as a ‘nice to have feature request’.


Is Roon kidding? They failed to implement correctly what is already an intrinsic feature of the iPadOS operating system. If it doesn’t work it’s very clearly a bug on Roon’s part. Maybe it’s time to triage this as a higher priority bug fix instead of a low priority feature request.

Calling this a feature request is like calling a preventable car crash an accident. Doh!

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I just got an iPad Pro with magic keyboard, and found this thread after discovering I can’t navigate using the trackpad. So +1 from me in terms of prioritising this!

It won’t help. Roon couldn’t care less. They call this basic hardware support a ‘feature request’. They have no timeline to get this working so don’t hold your breath.
As I understand it, Roon is built on a cross-platform development framework called Xamarin that has been described by someone who know this stuff better than me as ‘bloated’. I suspect iPad trackpad support is a low priority for this open-source project.
Seems a bit cheeky to be selling lifetime subscriptions for $700 when the apps are built on an open-source platform though.

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It is really disappointing to see, that Roon Remote for iOS, iPadOS still use Xamarin for cross-platform support. I hope that the team would be more focus, on building native support for the most main stream platforms. Xamarin is a good framework to start-up. But a commercial software, really is expected to migrate to native SDKs. Roon Remote on IOS, already looks and feels rudimental, when compared to Apple Music. Version 1.8 came out as more focus release on look, feel and user experience for Roon. My personal feeling on the 1.8 release is that key features have been missed. One for all is native support of iOS SDK, and get rid of Xamarin all together. Roon is passed playground time.


I’ve just bought the iPad Pro to use for Roon and am staggered to find that Roon Remote is not fully functional with the Magic Keyboad. Please allow us to scroll with the two finger gesture on the trackpad!


+1 for better external keyboard support. Scrolling just doesn’t work at the moment…


It appears this is never going to be fixed. Count me among those who are leaving Roon for Apple Music due to this problem and the generally poor support for iOS.