SDM Pack required to upsample on Native DSD supported DAC

The only way I’m able to upsample to DSD is if I use SDM pack DoP. My source is mostly Tidal Hifi (MQA disabled) into a Topping D90 Standard. When SDM pack is set to “none” and I click stop in HQ Player it switches to PCM mode/Filter/Shaper regardless of SDM default output.

I have no issues upsampling to DSD64-512 within Roon with their DSP engine and native DSD plays fine with Roon as well.

Make sure you don’t have the DAC enabled as Roon output. Since that would cause problem you describe.

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Interesting, I see the same issue with my D90 as well. But the Multicore DSP setting had no effect on it.

I don’t have any other outputs enabled in Roon, just HQPlayer and the DAC is not the default audio device in Windows.

Jussi was spot on with his advice. Disable the D90 output and use HQplayer.
I’m guessing it has something to do with ASIO getting in the way.

Thanks- do you mean disable it in Roon settings or somewhere else? Mine are already all disabled:

If some other application is keeping the audio device busy, with Thesycon sourced drivers the implication seems to be that DSD output mode starts failing. Maybe they try to do some multi-access/mixing support with PCM and disable DSD for that reason.

Also check that the device is not set as defaut audio output device for the OS!