Search Algorithm Tweak Suggested

Something’s amiss:

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What happens if you search without all the punctuation?


It is still pretty hopeless… the top result is wrong and none of the Albums have a symphony no 5 in d major …


Qobuz is a good bit better …

You may want to significantly simplify your query. On my collection, I tried:

query 1: reformation
query 2: 5 in d

and got appropriate results

You may also want to try combining queries with filters when doing classical searches (which are inherently more complex/interesting).

As an example, I did a query for 5 in D, and then typed men in the filter to make sure I was getting Mendelssohn.

As background, I used the composer’s name rather than the nickname of the work as I wasn’t 100% sure the metadata for every album/track would include the nickname, but felt confident the composer’s name would be included.

Best of luck with your roon’ing.

I will admit the Search capability is my biggest beef with Roon. Maybe its more accurate to say improvement here is first on my “To Do” list.

As a scientist, I do lots of searches of literature (mostly PubMed), and you get good at understanding how the algorithm works and can get very good at getting results efficiently. I do not have a clue how Roon Search works, so I feel like I’m flailing at it rather than using it intelligently. Psychologically, what’s worse, it works pretty well much of the time, but fails enough, just when you need it, so you have creeping doubt.

I can see that a challenge is that while we might be thinking “I’m searching for this Title”, Roon doesn’t know if you are feeding it Title, Album, Artist or some other mix of keywords. So maybe more words isn’t better, but I don’t know how to use it most efficiently.


This is a good point. Sometimes it helps to have knowledge of what goes on inside the black box. Although I suspect that Roon Labs are also tweaking the algorithms over time, so the search behaviour may well change - and hopefully for the better.

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To respond to several comments: I started typing symphony 5 and the search text was chosen from a list. I performed no editing because Roon found my work.

In fairness, I wasn’t looking for the Composer. I was looking for, and found, the composition. Still, this was a curious result so I thought I’d report it.

Roon is trying to parse and understand a blind text string. Not an easy task, to say the least. So I didn’t mean to rag. Just passing on a data point.

Which implies it is in your library. I have often wanted at that point to restrict the search to my library but can only do that after the results come back. I know I could/should use the artist/album/composer/composition browser to do such a search but the magnifying glass search is more convenient to access.

If such a “restrict search to library” option existed it would also stop all those slow search frustrations.

Perhaps I’ll raise a feature request…