Search (build 880) - issues with library results

I am sorry I have been unfair. no examples provided so far. 100% ‘classical’ content. 5 % search accuracy. For instance:

When I search for “Fidelio Vickers” I get

However, when I search for “vickers”:


subsequently this, to my surprise, yields, voilá:

FIVE albums.

Antoher result: The search for “monaco verdi” gives 0 albums:

However, I know that Mario del Monaco recorded at least 30 albums of Verdi operas. As an example, see the following small selection which I obtain by searching the artist Mario del Monaco:

If I try your search I get this

Looking at your search it seems you misspelled Monaco with moncao, perhaps that is the issue here?

i get

ok good point thanks! Did you try the same with fidelio vickers? i repeated the search with “monaco verdi”, now correctly spelled. Gives me the following:

nevertheless, looking at mario del monacos recordings reveals:


meaning that at least 9 albums have not been provided by the search “monaco verdi”

But these are Qobuz recordings as far as I can see. Your own library does not show there, correct?

yes I have only Tidal

For Fidelio Vickers I get the same as @ged_hickman1

Exactly. My point is about my own library.

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It still doesn’t work. Did a search for “the wearing of the green”, a famous Irish protest song.

Roon search returns two tracks and the usual rubbish load of irrelevant albums, bands and whatnot.

Search on Qobuz returns several dozens of tracks.

As a reminder to the Roon team: the purpose of search is to:

  1. search for the value provided by the user
  2. return results that actually contain the entire value the user provided, not random parts of said value

Anyways, I give up. You obviously do not know what you are doing but still boast massive improvements. I have had it with this arrogance of yours.

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Interesting. I get only one track, on an Arthur Fiedler album, “Irish Night at the Pops”. :slight_smile: Mildly ridiculous.

On the other hand, if I look for “A Nation Once Again”, I get the expected dozens of tracks, all of them of the actual song.

There’s an upcoming update for streaming search that should eliminate the remaining nonsense results.

I do wonder about albums though when you search for “the wearings of green”. Which albums are you getting?

As I stated above: I give up. I’ve waisted years on this ridiculous app. I’m not waisting a minute more.