Search by folders - why isn’t this a feature?

I find this very frustrating (infuriating) at times when I want to tag albums or songs but can’t just go to the folder where I know they are to find them. Do I really have to resort to printing my directory tree so I can sit and tag songs? This is such a simple and clearly common request. Years now. Please make this important update. Thanks.


Cheese 'n crackers, not again. This has been discussed to death. Here is the most recent bottom line -


LOL, just what I thought.

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Still discussed because it’s still not a feature.

I’m sure you went through the thread below. I can’t read between the lines in English but as far as I can understand it’s not going to happen.

Because Roon is modern system with a database approach. And with a database you don’t have to worry about files anymore or do you care in which files your phone saves your contacts?


If you read the link you will understand that all the whining in the world is not going to change the principals’ attitude.


I don’t have 20000 contacts in my phone

I you had 20000, you would suddenly feel the urge to access them by files?


I no this is a endless discussion.
But if a good portion of roon user want this feature.
Why not give it to them, you don’t have to use it.

Surely the whole point of a program like Roon is that the software does the grunt work. You could literally randomize your files and the software would sort it out

Not for a moment would I even suggest the idea but.

Roon is not really a tagging app, use something more appropriate , Tagscanner is free, Tag & Rename is dirt cheap both of which allow full file structure access. To name only 2

I used to get fed up that MS word couldn’t do maths :weary: I got over it


  1. It goes against the character and selling points of the product.
  2. There are other things that can appease more appetites.
  3. There is only so much coding time to spend.
  4. Thinking in terms of folders, subfolders, etc. is just the way Microsoft, indoctrinated people to think about their data. People have come to hypostatize, i.e. treat something abstract as though it were concrete, a concept that has no physical correlate.

If you’ve untagged files you could use Musicbrainz Picard to tag the files and give Roon a good starting point for its album identification.

If your folder structure is not by artists/albums you could move them out of the watched folder and add them one by one. In the overview you’ll see the newly added albums so you can add tags/metadata.

Exactly right.

The folder model wasn’t by itself bad, and both Microsoft and Unix were consistent about it. But eventually, we realized that this is not a good model for humans (even though it is a great model for computers and programmers). Microsoft has tried to move away from it, to add more human-oriented models, but it is difficult because of the strength of existing models — you now see a bit of a mix.

iOS had the opposite model, it does not expose a file system with folders to the users, there is no concept of where mail and calendar and iBooks and photos and Kindle store their information. And iOS has benefited from this rigorous adherence to these principles of simplicity and consistency and abstraction — which it is natural to attribute to Steve Jobs, looking at his history.

But now Jobs is gone. And Apple is feeling the pressure to make the iPad compete with laptops, and have added a file system. A really bad decision — it is a very poor, half-baked implementation that doesn’t solve real-world problems, and it clashes with the existing iOS model. I understand the business pressure, but please — I keep believing Steve would not have allowed it.


I set up a few storage locations for folders I want to isolate for searching, shuffle etc. The Focus/Inspector/Storage Locations menu allows you to select specific folders that you’ve specified as storage locations. This work around meets my needs.

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You can also sort Tracks by file location.