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Two cents from a non-ROON user (at least not quite yet) who has recently gotten into Tidal…

I really would like to be able to include Label in the search. Very often I know that what I am looking for was on Deutsche Grammophon or London or whatever. Of course that would require Label to appear in the metadata.

For what that is worth.

That works already, at least it does for me.

Here it is in action…

Just looking up Running Rabbit Records our own private label :joy:

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I believe I am getting two different kinds of results when I search by label.

Sometimes I see ALL the albums available through Roon (and Tidal). That’s what I hope to see.

But other times it seems what appears is only the albums already in my own collection (Tidal and my own files that Roon can also see).

Has anyone else had this experience? Does anyone know how to get the first result consistently?

@Chrislayeruk do you know?


Hi Geoff
I have the same problem with only albums shon from my favorites…
Did you find a solution to show the whole label records?
Best regards, Joel

I think I was mistaken in my original post. The only albums one can see in a label search, are albums already in one’s collection.

After the latest version of Roon was released, I asked again why there is no way to search all albums by label. The response I got from Roon is that they are working on it but that it is more complicated than it seems to get the metadata straight; that they don’t want to offer the feature until they know it works well.

I can see their point. Today when one looks by label – even when one is only seeing albums in one’s own collection – there is often more than one version of the same label (eg. “Venus” and “Venus Records”) and no rhyme or reason as to why some albums appear in one search result and not the other. So I guess we just have to be patient.

Thanks for your fast reply!
Yes, I was reading this in newer posts. Hope they will do that soon… it is no problem for me,when the algorithm is not working perfectly!

I would really like to search and show all recordings under a certain label. I appreciate complexities in getting the algorithm right. But Qobuz allows you to choose “See the label” for any recording you are playing or looking at, and it produces a list of all of that label’s recordings. This is similar to “See artist” which Qobuz also does, but since Roon seems to be able to replicate that, why not do the similar “See the label.” Many thanks!

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