Search does not find all related albums

I used to have different results when searching on Roon on my iPhone or on my PC.
Now I just stumbled upon a problem - which seems to be new.
When I do a search in Roon and enter album title plus artist, I do not get all results. This happens with every search.
Having loads of operas, there are often many different versions of one opera that have the same artist.

Example search: Trovatore Pavarotti - I only get half the results of albums that are actually in my library.
I can do this with absolutely every combination of album /artist and get fewer results than are actually in my local library.

Only searching album title seems to get all albums in my library - but obviously the point of a search is finding a specific version. What happened?

Hi @Squeezemenicely,

I’d like to get some information about this over to our team. Here’s how I’m hoping you can help:

  • Take a screenshot of the results for a search
  • Take a screenshot of an album in your library that you believe should be showing for that search

I’ll get this information over to the team for investigation.


@dylan ok here are just two examples - could probably give you hundreds, since this happens with every search. Also I have two subs and completely different hardware in different locations and networks - and the problem is in both.
First: Werther with Corelli - Search finds one Complete recording and a recital. Album view with artist shows 5 complete recordings.

Second: Trovatore with Pavarotti - search finds 2 complete recordings plus recitals, album view with artist selected shows 4 complete recordings.

It used to be a problem that Roon PC found all recordings and Roon on iPhone did not (an acknowledged support ticket from Roon) Now both are the same - but in a bad way.

The files obviously have correct metadata, since otherwise they would not show up when you only search for the artist - but search combined album name / artist shows fewer results than are available. I am pretty sure this is a relatively new phenomenon.

Thanks for the feedback here, @Squeezemenicely. I’ve passed this along to the team for future improvements.


@dylan just wanted to let you know that the issue has not been resolved yet and is still there in Roon 1.8. Same happens when you search a certain name. If you do not choose the associated performer, just half of the albums are shown. thats a bit annoying. any help would be appreciated.

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+1 here. Albums of which I have multiple versions do not show up when I search for album title. Only one version show up.


  • show hidden albums is enabled
  • no additional albums are listed in the versions tab.


@dylan would be great if roon solved this issue in the near future…whats the purpose of having a database where a simple search does not work well. still not implemented in build 763…

Thank you for not taking care of this issue and destroying the remaining functioning of roon search with the last update.

SAME problem. I have albums in the database that do not show in the search. So there is no way to play them. I am starting to be sorry I got a lifetime membership.

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