Search engine Roon

The search engine of Roon bothers. For example. Ik was looking for Rhonda Vincent. However i typed “ Ronda Vincent”. Roon had no clue who the heck i was looking for. Absolutely no clue. On the internet i am getting used to… are you looking for “rhonda vincent”. It would be great if Roon would align more with how we experience search engines.

If you are comparing it to something like Google - which has developed a rather insane algorithm over many years and is their core business of search - I don’t think it will be the same.

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I believe I’ve read from Roon staff that they are working on a better handling of typos and mispellings. I give them credit for a significant improvement of Search over the last 2 years.

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And yet it still fails to yield results for search terms that are known to be present in library, or prioritise nonsense over the actual search term when presenting results. I tend to avoid using it because it rarely fails to disappoint.

Regarding matching of similar terms I imagine cosine similarity would do the trick remarkably well.

Roon search will obviously never function on the level of Google’s as pointed out already, but I think it wouldn’t be insane to expect some sort of fuzzy search, which could handle typos or misspellings.

I’ve said it before they need some predicted filters in the search menu to narrow searches down and aid results they are just trying to be too clever and their code isn’t clever enough. All decent music searches use this type of system and it works why else would it be in all the streaming apps. Allow users to be able to select search criteria as well as the text entered not a list of results for all categories.