Search for Artist/Album - Tidal anomaly?


I’m not sure if this is a glitch or intended behaviour but when I search for an artist on Tidal within Roon, ie search for artist, select artist and scroll down to Tidal albums from said artist, it appears to only show those albums which are NOT in my collection of locally stored media and on Tidal.

I think it would be better to show all available Tidal albums by that artist, irrespective of whether they are in my local media collection or not.


That’s how ot works, it shows what you don’t have. I find this useful. I can still easily find Tidal versions by clicking the three dots and following the link.
That’s proper integration as I see it.

Ok thanks Chris.

I am building up a parallel Tidal library and would find it useful to show Tidal albums when I search for them, even if in my HD library locally already. Or make it a feature of the “show hidden albums” option, ie like the duplicate albums displaying or not via this option. That would make sense?

No matter. It’s not a huge issue :slight_smile:

You can add the Tidal version to your library also. I do this for smaller artists so I can play Tidal which means they get paid.
If this was universal I think things would just get cluttered.
What I like about ROON is you can set things up as you like, but this requires a little intervention. I look at is as something to fiddle with as I listen.

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