Search for Reference Recording

When I click on Reference Recording in the credits tab…

I get this…

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

It’s possible that you don’t have any albums from that label actually in your Library - so that’s why you see no results. Clicking on the label link automatically sets up a Focus selection on the Label.

That’s true…

I don’t have any Reference Recordings in my library… Was hoping Roon would display the albums offered by this label via my Tidal subscription.

Any way to do that?

Use the Search icon (the magnifying glass top right) and search for “Reference Recordings”. Scroll down in the results to the labels section, and click View All. You’ll find the Reference Recordings label there.

Edit: ah - bugger - that’s just searching in my Library as well… Sorry - this is not looking through the streaming services…

Edit2: Does the Tidal app give you the option of searching on labels?

I don’t think the Tidal app allows that either.

It’s a real shortcoming of Roon that you can’t search by label or a lot of specific things if it’s not in your library all ready. Maybe one day but with streaming stuff it’s only going to be as good as what the service provides so if they don’t give label metadata via the API then your out of luck.