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I’m not sure if that’s a missing feature or just something I haven’t figured out how to do with Roon yet, but I want to be able to search for keywords and get playlist results from Tidal for playlists that either have the keywords in their title or in one of the tracks in the playlist.
I’ve found that even on the Tidal app some playlists are not reachable through the “Playlists” or “Genres” sections, but only through search. Take for instance the playlist “The Golden Year of 1994: Highlights” ( It doesn’t appear in any of the playlist sections and I don’t think it’s under any genre. I found it by chance when searching for a song.
It would be nice to be able to find it with Roon.


Right now, Go into Tidal Desktop or Tidal Mobile App or Tidal in a Chrome browser >Search>“playlist search name/text”>favorite(star).

Yeah you have to use to separate applications, but until it is supported this is ‘a’ workaround.


Thanks Bill, I’m aware of that option but it would be nice to be able to do it straight from Roon :+1:



There is something here that I can’t quite figure out. I know, for the time being at least, that I can only search for TIDAL playlists through TIDAL itself, not Roon. That’s fine for now. However, once I have marked that playlist as a favorite in TIDAL, I can’t find it anywhere in Roon. It seems that to have a TIDAL playlist show up in your Playlists menu in Roon, you need to first access that playlist through Roon and then save a local copy. I simply can’t find a way to get to it through Roon.

The playlist in question is called Bach and Beyond. You can find it on the TIDAL desktop app by selecting Genres, then Classical. It is the first playlist presented. If anyone knows how to get this playlist to show up in Roon, I would really, really appreciate knowing how you did it.

I might just be really thick.


Only an idea here, but you said that it’s the first playlist on the genre. Was it added very recently?
Roon synchronizes with Tidal every day or so and new content sometimes takes a couple of days to appear in Roon.

That could be it. I’ll give it a couple of days and report back.

You can also push the synch in the settings\accounts tab…

Thanks, unfortunately that didn’t work.

Disregard, it is now in my “STUFF”. It just takes a while. Patience, patience, patience… :unamused:

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Not my forte either :smile:

Old thread I know but wondeing if there has been any work on this. I too work like to be able to search tidal playlists from within roon

Plus one. PLEASE let us search for tidal playlists within roon! This is a big gap


Almost 7 years later, and absolutely no word on progress on this basic feature. And the fact that it takes ages for a “hearted” playlist to sync, even with a manual refresh, makes the workaround basically unusable as well.

Has it been that long? Damn I’m old :sweat_smile:

Welcome to Tidal, good sound quality, but software features every other music player has had for 20 years lacking :stuck_out_tongue:

Literally the same method with different argument to search for a playlist:

There is also a track_radio which is quite interesting to discover new music in roon instead of app switching. I’ll see if there is a feature request for that too…