Search history - Cross device by Profile and persistent

I am running Roon server on a headless system. I use 3 different devices as my Roon remotes (laptop, Android tablet, Android phone). My question is regarding search history. It seems that the search history is local to each remote only? In other words, I do not see the search history done from my laptop on my tablet? Curious why Roon behaves this way? Also, it seems that the search history is deleted once the remote app is shut down? Why is the history not maintained?

Search history is a browsing function so it seems logical to make it local to the Control device, because browsing is independent for each device. If it were made global then all users would have to sift through each other’s search histories.

Search history is a temporary buffer. If you like the results of a search and want to access it quickly again then make it a bookmark, which can be accessed across Control devices. Keeping the search history indefinitely seems an unnecessary use of resources given that bookmarks exist.

Makes sense…in my case I am the only one using Roon in my house so that is why I like to have the search history propagate to all my remotes.

I tent to follow the idea of keeping localization of search functionallity by device - but I ask myself if the solution can’t be seen as under the “profile level, but cross- control device”?

I think search history is a typical personal issue!

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Yes, I could see it working with profiles.

Do you know how to address this issue as a requirement to the roon team?

Anyone can open a thread in the Feature Request section. I will transfer this thread there if @tboooe would like that.

Keep in mind that implementing any particular feature has an opportunity cost in terms of other potential features not implemented or delayed. The devs keep very tight control of their vision for the product. User requests have driven very major changes, but there are many requests that don’t make it. Ultimately Roon is not a democracy (thank goodness) so a Feature Request won’t necessarily result in implementation.

Perfect - please do so. I totally trust in the roon team to evaluate and decide on implementation and respective priority. We (as community members and users) have not the overall picture about implementation plan, effort and planned features and urgency. I think if we can make a sense-full requirement from users’ view and properly address we did a good job for the community and our tool of choice. Thank you, andybob, for your support.

I’ll change the title and shift the thread. Let me know if you’d prefer otherwise @tboooe.

Thanks guys! Really appreciate the input.