Search improvements needed

For example - I have 3 performances of Beethoven’s 5th symphony - Kleiber, Karajan and Walter.

When I search for “Beethoven Kleiber” or “Beethoven Walter’ or Beethoven Karajan” I get no results

If I search for “Beethoven 5 symphony” I only get 1 result - the Walter version in album results and track results. I don’t see the other 2 in either album or track results.

The above is just an example

I get similar results for other albums as well. I have 5 versions of the Dvorak cello concerto - only 3 show up when searching for “dvorak cello concerto”

In fact any search that consists of a composer and a performer results in nothing

All the above albums have been correctly identified by Roon

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So, been playing with search a little more.

It seems that whenever I search for any album using the performer and album name together - I get no results. I’ve just tried about a dozen different albums.

For example - “brubeck time” results in nothing - I have 3 albums by Dave Brubeck with “time” in the title. (the only results I see are a list of genres with “time” in the name - there are many!)

Reluctantly, I have to agree with the generalization that search is not as straight-forward as I would prefer. I say reluctantly, because I may not be adequately acquainted, yet, with how the synergy for the search function and what I might expect and what results, at least for my sensibilities, is a bit confusing. There’s so much “right” with roon that I hesitate as I consider I haven’t yet learned how to use the search function and other “tools” for managing my interface with roon, which I rate as a marvelous program that justified my purchase of a lifetime license without even a trial.

Any plans for implementing search functions for the future? Or is it where roon Labs designed it as “just right”.


Anyone fron Roon have any comments on this? @danny?

Anyone fron Roon have any comments on this? @danny @mike

Is something wrong with my setup or is this how search works in general?

If this is how it’s supposed to work - it obvioulsy needs to be rethought

Hey @mvrlogins – I’m able to reproduce the issues you’re describing, so it’s not just you.

I absolutely agree this could be better, and I think there’s a lot more we could be doing to make search in Roon great, way beyond just allowing for search of performer and album name.

We’ll be discussing this and working on making some improvements in the future, so I’m going to move this to Feature Requests, so others can contribute ideas and suggestions as the changes come together.

Appreciate you flagging this and giving us this feedback – keep it coming!

Edit: and sorry for the slow response! :slight_smile:

Hello mike,

Thank you for responding and for following through with re-evaluation of the search function/operations/synergy so that we can better sort through and reach our collections. In my experience navigating whether manually scrolling or plugging in a artist’s name, an album title, even a song title is not elegantly executed. Appreciate how open roon Labs are for implementing change that contributes to facile application that brings the collection into a focus we define with a variety of sorting choices.


I agree that search as it stands is pretty inadequate and it’s good to hear that the Roon team are working on this.

Thinking about my own use (I mostly listen to Classical), I realise that nearly all of my searches fall into the following categories:-

  • a particular performance of a work, e.g. Beethoven Piano Concerto No 5 played by Stephen Kovacevich

  • all performances of a particular work, e.g. Beethoven Piano Concert No 5, Bach Brandenburg Concerto No 2. As @mvrlogins points out this just doesn’t work at the moment

  • all performances by a particular artist

Some sort of advanced search where you can specify a search by composer, work, conductor, etc. would be great.

I appreciate that a lot can be done in the excellent Focus window, but a more powerful search would definitely help.

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I can say now that search improvements are in the pipeline. I can’t say exactly when it will be done but it is something we are now working on.

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Thanks Brian, that’s good news.