Search in Qobuz not working on iPad/iPhone

I have roon core on a mac mini, 1.8 build 844. With qobuz service
When I search for artist and tracks in roon on the imac it shows results in Qubuz and local library
When I search in roon on the Roon app on my ipad /iphone it only shows the files added to my library not the ones not on in library ? Iphone app 1.8 build 864.

E.g artist birdy not in my library is found on my imac in qobuz
When i do the same search on ipad it only shows album birdy peter gabriel that is on my local drive and when looks at versions it also mentions qobuz. But artis birdy is not found.

This problem started after the last sofware updates. Ipad and imac restarted, qobuz account removed and added again.

I suspect your iOS devices connect to the Mac Mini core, whereas the iMac is running as a separate Roon core. To confirm this, from the iMac, go to Settings > General and confirm that the core is indeed your Mac Mini. If it’s not, simply disconnect and wait for Roon discovery to work, and then select the Mini. You may need to log in to Qobuz on the Mini.

Imac is logged in as “this mac “ and this mac is called DJmacmini
Ipad and iphone are logged in at DJmacmini.

Solved it … i am a beta tester… i deleted the roon app and installed it again now it works think its if you move from the beta to official release it goes wrong it happened on iphone and ipad .

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