Search is aggravating

Search within Roon is driving me nuts. It’ll give me search results that change every second. I’ll see the thing I want, only to have it disappear. And sometimes it’ll abandon the search partway through (searching my library and tidal) and just show my local library. If I repeat a few seconds later, it’ll search both places with no issues.

Search is a really common way for me to interact with Roon and this recent behavior is not good.


Totally agree – and it doesn’t usually even find the best match. (I just posted a different topic to complain about this: Search is Extremely Poor). Not sure what happened, but it’s definitely WAY worse than before.

This is EASY to test and repro, not sure how this iteration of search made it through to a major release.


It’s really bad for me too. I did find out that you can limit results to your own library on the search page.

I don’t have a clue how to make it better at searching but it probably did get a tiny bit better on artists in the latest release.


I get that I could restrict to my own library. But if I wanted that, I wouldn’t pay for Roon and Tidal each month. Roon’s brilliance was that it brought streaming and local libraries together.

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I’ve had a similar experience where as I type the correct result appears in the list below, but as I continue to type it disappears. This may be due at times from a simple misspelling, but I’m not sure that is the case every time. It generally seems like the new search is “thinking” fairly hard, bypasses my desired result and comes up empty. I haven’t seriously tested this observation.


the search has always been terrible since day one.

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It has gotten worse.


This the first topic (and responses) speaking about the auto-complete/-suggestion which appears when you start to type in a search term, or does the negative comments also include the actual search which happens when the user hits enter?

Should be defined as “search” is not a singular thing here. And if it is about the auto-complete/-suggestion, then for sure yes, it is lacking quite a lot. It was also explicitly not handled in the recent revision of the search. Tried to find the reference to this, but can’t find it now looking at the posts about overhauled search and release notes…

See an outside opinion on running a search engine. This pretty much echoes what other search professionals have posted in the past.

I can understand that might be what attracts some users to Roon but for me it’s the endpoint handling, bit perfect playback and multiroom sync + iphone/ipad remotes that really appeals.

I have a big physical library which I have transcribed to digital form and 90% of what I see on Tidal or Qobuz is not of interest to me. By that I mean there’s a lot of music on Tidal and Qobuz that I will never have time or desire to listen to. In my own library I would remove any album I was really no longer interested in listening to.

I am very glad that I am obviously not alone with my experiences. Roon search sucks big time. It seems to suck less, if you live in a mainly streaming oriented world, but If not - it sucks. If you are into opera and have many artists in an album, it is simply ridiculous.
How it made it through (our) testing to a release which is supposed to have much improved search, is simply amazing to me.

But usually for every person that states there is a problem, there is automatically an army of - but everything is wonderful - posters. it must be you. You probably have a bad hair day and are simply blaming poor Roon. :wink:

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I’m a lifetime member and I try to use Roon in a way that doesn’t expose me to the problems I know exist with it! Unfortunately since the latest 1.8 update I can’t avoid the problems.

When I see how the support area is filling up with issues at the moment I really have to wonder if they have enough staff dealing with the software and support.

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also, why have a Beta-Test if the problems stated in it, are ignored?? Releasing software that is known to have issues. I was amazed when they wrote that they would release it, even though it was pretty half-baked.

It is sort of : test it, but only give positive feedback.
Such a shame, Roon could be so much better, if it actually solved problems instead of framing and whitewashing them.
Roon and quite a few of the Roon cult in the forum, just love to shoot the messenger - instead of actually changing and fixing stuff.


There is definitely a lot of ‘helpful’ advice supporting Roon which doesn’t help to see the woods for the trees.

I’ve had a good look in the logs recently and something which rung alarm bells for me was the lack of repetitive structure in the logs when performing the same tasks over and over again.

We know the software has come a long way from Sooloos, maybe it’s become too difficult to add to it.

I managed to take a video of search doing its typical behavior. It is 3.1 MB. Is there a way to upload it here?

Same Here. Search is a disaster. Fluctuating list. Remote app disappears randomly. Freezes randomly.