Search Qobuz playlist

+100 for this request

Please add Qobuz playlists to the search results!

Me too! Trying to find some music to WFH to - this isn’t quite what I had in mind, but might be a start:

The lack of being able to search for playlists in the Roon app (all playlists available in Qobuz rather than just those I’ve added) is the one feature that makes me question continuing to pay for Roon rather than opting for the one-app solution of just using Qobuz and Airplay. The sound quality wouldn’t be as good via Airplay but having to go into another app, search, add playlist, back to Roon, refresh playlists, find the playlist I just added - it’s not a good user experience and ruins one of the main aims of Roon, i.e. having everything via one system from your local library and streaming from Tidal/Qobuz. If this feature was added then I’d likely go for at least an annual Roon membership if not plump straight for a lifetime membership. Even just searching playlist titles from Qobuz would be a good start (e.g. search “classical christmas” and return any playlists with the words classical and christmas in the title), no need to search genre or tracks within the list.

Plus 1…otherwise I just use Qobuz app

Wow. This is one of my first challenges being a new Roon user with qobuz.

I just thought it would take me some time to gm figure out the UI. Got more frustrated over time and decided to search leading me to this thread.

Please add me to the list for this feature. Even the Lumin App, 3rd party was able to show me the results. I was wondering why I was able to find such better music playlists in there than Roon’s,

Biggest missing feature from my point of view. Having to open qobuz app, marking a playlist as favourite and waiting for synchronization to happen is really painful.

especially right now with all the best off playlists of the year :wink:

Just voted for this.

In my mind, there are a few related things that feel very “on brand” as @danny says above:

  1. See playlists in search as another entity type alongside tracks, artists and albums, and I’m not sure if @zenit mentioned this elsewhere already or not but tagging him here for visibility. Ideally this is playlists of all sources (local, Qobuz, Tidal, Roon, and eventually community)
  2. See playlists that contain tracks from an artist or album listed in a carousel on album and artist pages. Could be a basic carousel on the overview page, and a more complete catalog on the discography tab or a new tab entirely.
  3. Merchandise / feature playlists more frequently (eg, in now playing, an icon that pops up a list of playlists that are related to / similar to the current queue)

[sidebar: These are all concepts that are very closely related to how e-commerce sites keep you clicking through, increase time on site and ultimately increase adds to cart.]

It’s ridiculous that this has not been prioritised yet. One of the primary reasons I am using Roon is because it offers a better user experience than Qobuz. If it hasn’t got the same basic functionality then what’s the point.

Roon Product Owner, please prioritise playlist search ASAP.