Search Qobuz playlist

Every time I search in Roon by typing some keywords, the result list will include only tracks, albums, artists, but never a playlist.

Is it intentional by design?


Adding @noris, @danny.

That’s incredible!!!

we do not search playlists in streaming services. you have to go to the tidal/qobuz page or use the streaming services’ apps to add it to your own playlists list.

this is a fine feature request however, so I’m going to move it to that category


I just added another request for this.

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Another vote for this feature request. I have been banging my head trying to figure out why I wasn’t seeing the Qobuz playlists beyond what’s in my Favorites. Finally realized the feature wasn’t there.


Dear from Roon, this feature is requested fro a lot of people from month!!

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One plus for this feature.

Two plus for this feature

This would be very welcome indeed

Yes another for this request

Please make this possible! This is a major drawback for me.

Would also love this if it is possible.

+1 for this feature request from me as well!

@danny and team, not searching playlists of streaming services is just ‘ridicules’.

imagine you want have music for your birthday party. There are plenty of good list in streaming services for such an event which you just can’t search for.


With the vast amount of music available, knowing how other people put their lists together would be extremely helpful.

Very frustrating indeed not to be able to “just use Roon” when it comes to playlists. Having to open Qobuz/Tidal, find theplaylist and then add it and wait for it to appear in Roon sucks.
Since it’s been a while since anyone posted here I’ll kiss the sleeping beauty hoping it will wake up :slight_smile:
Is it still on the roadmap ? or has it vanished ?

PS keep it up, I love Roon, it’s making me more demanding, hence the request!

What is the point of having (and paying for) Roon if the user is directed to use other apps it’s supposed to replace to use the most basic of functions? Playlists within streaming services is a “nice to have” feature, it’s one of its core functions to help people listen to curated musical experiences and discover new music.

This feels like an extremely useful & sensible feature suggestion.

I guess the question is whether the search should return playlists based on the playlists title or simply playlists that contain an album, artist or track matching the search query.

The former works well when the playlist has the artist or mood in the title, or the playlist name is known in advance, but far less well for playlists with vague non-descriptive titles ie. Diggin’ with Dave.

The later would almost certainly need some form of smart prioritisation/ordering ie. how do you return the best playlists containing a ‘Paul McCartney’ track? Given the likelihood that the most popular playlists on Qobuz/Tidal that fit that simple criterion are ‘Christmas Playlists’ which no one wants to listen to outside of December (…if at all).

Is it possible, maybe using Valence, to work out what the most Paul McCartney’esk playlists (as it thematically) on Qobuz/Tidal are?

That all said, the ordering on Qobuz isn’t too bad, so maybe it’s as simple as piggybacking on their logic/search ordering. But if not, it’s probably worth considering the pros and cons of the different kinds of ordering that are possible / may be possible.

btw. probably one for it’s own request, but recommendations of Qobuz/Tidal playlists similar to the last ~10 tracks you’ve listened to and/or an existing playlist in your library would be a nice feature too. Implemented/displayed in much the same way as the album suggestions currently are.

+1 for this request.