Search Question

I am a fairly new Roon user, about 3-4 months. I’m creating my Christmas playlist in Roon.

It’s taking a very long time, as I really dont understand how the search function works i guess… let me give an example…

How on earth do I search “Run Run Rudolph” in a software that is so music listener friendly, and it basically harnesses music knowledge and delivers it to my fingertips, it gives direct links to alternate versions, and new artists to discover….


Check Berrys version is not in the first 2 pages of the search results???

I do NOT understand

None of us understand yet… A decent and direct Search should be a standard and in Roon is still a joke. How many more years Roon??

The version you are searching appears as first results directly in Qobuz or Tidal?

Likey Roon users don’t listen to that version as much. It’s based on popularity and that’s from Roon users not the world. To aid search add in the artist there are lots of versions of run run Rudolph it’s not going to know which one you want without help

First hit.