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I received a newsletter from Tidal telling me Drake’s new album is out. Out of curiosity I decide to listen to it… but can’t because I can’t find it in Roon (needless to say I find it easily when I connect to Tidal directly)
I’m ok with waiting a bit to listen until synch happens but the fact that platforms are communicating directly makes it highly deceptive and disappointing.

I love Roon but this just lakes for a bad experience as I expect Roon to enhance it, not downgrade it.

Tidal had control over its metadata.
Roon depends on them supplying it, if Roon cannot sync this data, they cannot refer to it…

Discussed and explained here on the forum…

hi Peter,

Indeed I have read it. I understand the technical answer but it doesn’t change anything to the poor experience it creates and that is not at the level of the rest of the product.
To me it is a big problem in terms of perceived quality, “that’s how it works” is just not really a satisfactory answer. Again I love Roon and that’s why it is so frustrating to see such a problem not being solved.
If we don’t keep mentioning it, it might not change.

I see the point, but it is not Roon that can change this.
They are part of the supply chain.
Blaming Roon is not going to change this, they are in the same boat as you and me…

I see your point and we are indeed on the same boat: the boat of music lovers !
Just to be clear, there is no blame, only frustration :slight_smile:

However we don’t have the same roles on that boat: I’m enjoying the cruise and the staff is making sure the boat sails right. “Sorry we’re in the wrong country. Not us: it’s the currents…” doesn’t work.

if a method is not bringing the intended results then you change it, or find solutions. For example there has to be a way to check for missing new releases. It’s easy to get the list and to check automatically and then request metadata updates. All automatically, along with publishing the list of known missing album detected that way. Technically not hugely difficult. I am however aware of the intricacies of roadmap management. Which is why there is no blame, just an expression of frustration and support.

There are ways and I’m quite sure the team at Roon is working on it, I just wish I would be reassured.

Hi @Olivier_Binet . This is deeply frustrating for us as well as for you. We went out of our way to do an extra metadata build overnight to (hopefully) deliver a number of high profile albums to Roon customers:

TIDAL had 18 hours from the bells chiming midnight on New Music Friday to deliver the metadata for the Drake album to us in their evening metadata drop to us yesterday, but the data were not there.

There is a small price to be paid for Roon’s rich --and frankly unique-- metadata experience, which is the occasional delay of late-dropping albums which labels do not pre-release for (probably justified) fear of these surprise releases being leaked.

Although we are very aware of this situation and working with our streaming services partners to minimize the impact when it occurs (the current delay is unacceptable), please don’t get your hopes up that Roon will ever deliver these albums for streaming with the immediacy of products which use the streaming services’ APIs. For surprise drops, it’s almost always going to be at least 12 hours from release on the streaming service to availability in Roon.

I appreciate your taking the time to answer me, thank you Joel.
I’m glad to read that you’re frustrated as well, that you find the delay unacceptable and that you’re working hard on it.
It must be painful for you to build such awesome software and have the perception of its quality drop because of something that doesn’t depend on you.

So along with the frustration I expressed in the topic, I take this opportunity to send you and your teammates lots of love: I love what you do and what I can do thanks to what you do.

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