Searching "and" vs "&" misses the hit

Searching using exact letters

I think the search should be robust enough to catch typos, and things like “and” vs “&”.

Madona should also bring up Madonna

If google search is smart enough to correct me, maybe Roon can too?

Is this content from local files, TIDAL, or Qobuz?


Nothing new. Roon search is almost completely intolerant of typos and this is just interpreted as such it seems.

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That’s okay if it’s not new. The forums close things after three months, so we should bring them up again.

In this day and age, Search should be awesome.

There is a very long history of search complaint threads. After some considerable improvement this year things have gone a bit quiet on that front though. No doubt due to ARC development and release.

Hey @Rutherford and @Anthony_B,

We’ve resolved some backend issues with indexing that may have resolved this issue in the cases you’ve reported. There are also minute search improvements included in regular updates that often don’t make the release notes, so I’m curious if the current build (released today), or the previous build, had any positive result here.

Thank you for your patience.

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Excellent. Great to have new versions, bugs squashed and features added and refined. This latest fix, how ever, did not address the & vs “and”!

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Roon arc 1.0(64)
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