Searching Qobuz thru Roon

When I search Qobuz on the Qobuz site, I find most anything I want. When I use the search function while in Roon, with Qobuz actiuvated thru Roon, it searches are very limited and does not come up with what should be common artists ? These do come up when in Qobuz software ?

Thoughts ,


Do you have “Only Show My Library” at the top right of the screen set to Yes?

Cheers, Greg

Hi @Wayne_Fiala,

Can you share some examples, including screenshots of searches in Roon and Qobuz, of this?

Thanks for writing. I do not know where you could mean ? Anywhere within Roon I see the search icon, my responses are very limited. I do not see any menu or drop down to change searching options ?

I can’t do a screenshot right now. But what I can share is if I am running Roon, there is always a search option icon in the upper right. This is regardless if a am looking at my album library or in the Qobuz or Tidal screens thru Roon. If I put in the name Larry Carlton, I do not get anything but results for 6 unrelated Larry’s and that is it. ? Same for Tidal.

If I login to Qobuz directly, and search Larry Carlton, I get 33 results specifically for Larry Carlton. But nothing searching thru Roon.

Am I supposed to be running dedicated Tidal/Qobuz software separately of Roon ?

Hi Wayne,

After the results of the search screen come up, you can see the “Only Show My Library” toggle. You want it set to No.

Cheers, Greg

No, you just need to be logged into Tidal and/or Qobuz in Roon. That’s found in Settings > Services.

Cheers, Greg

I do not get anything like that other than the drop down list that only has 6 results, non of them Larry Carlton to pick. ?

We really need to see a screenshot to help you out.

Try to post them when you can.

Cheers, Greg

DUH, ok I was expecting the what I was looking for to appear in the drop down to pick from. But discovered they were not shown, hit enter and it takes you to another place where it shows the artist you are looking for, even though it was not in the drop down. I believe the only difference your screen has a black background mine is white ???

Hi Wayne,

Yeah, I believe the drop down will show what’s currently in your library, but you need to click enter to get full results.

I selected the Dark Theme from Settings > Setup > Theme.

Cheers, Greg

Thanks again