Second computer with Roon GUI using same library?

I have Roon running on my PC, to play music via a USB DAC. It also serves music to an endpoint downstairs, using Roon on a tablet for control.

Is it possible to install some part of Roon on another computer in the house under the same license? The idea is to access the library on my PC but output on the second computer. I thought Bridge would do this, but it lacks a GUI. What I need is something like Control, but running on the endpoint computer.

Just install Roon on the other computer and point it to the Core on the first computer. This is referred to as installing Roon as a Remote and lets the second computer have Control and Output functions with the Core remaining on the first computer. A single Roon licence permits one Core (at a time, it can be transferred between machines) and as many Remotes as you wish.

Thank you, @andybob – that seems simple enough. Much appreciated!

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