See folders only on Desktop(ie: a compilation folder)

Hello community,

I have downloaded a compilation folder, and I was wondering if it is possible via pc using the Roon software to see the folder only and then play from there without it being integrated to the artist/album etc?

Hi Alan,

Roon doesn’t have a folder browser view in it’s User Interface and there is no shortcut to send a track to Roon to play from an operating system folder browser.

There is a Feature Request thread here for a folder/file browser within Roon and another here regarding a folder view as a Filter.

I don’t recall seeing a Feature Request for a shortcut to send a track to Roon from an OS browser. It sounds like a good candidate to start one and see what the devs and other users think. I suspect that the compilation folder would have to be within a Roon watched folder for that to work.

Yeah I was thinking that, just wanna play the folder via Roon rather than chase down the individual tracks. Hope the Dev’s can maybe give it a go?? Here’s hoping.

Just tag the contents of the folder so that the tracks all appear as a single album

e.g. “Alan’s Downloaded Compilation Album”

Copy it into your usual watched folder and it will appear in Roon as your album. Play as normal.

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