Seeking info about image cache size

Hey fellow Roonies! I just got my Roon ROCK server up and running, and I’m loooooving it… Awesome software, cheers to the devs.

As I tweak settings, I have a question mark floating above my head about the “Memory for Photos/Artwork” setting. I’ve been digging around the forums, but can’t find anything that digs into the specifics. All I have to go by is the caption underneath the setting header that reads “Low values slow down cover display, High values may cause instability”.

Is there a general recommendation about where this setting should ideally be? I’ve set it up to the max on multiple devices (2048mb), and I notice that it seems to smooth the scrolling between album covers between different pages. I experience no instability. Should I just leave it maxed out then?

Also, I don’t understand how I could even have that much cache for images on my phone and tablets when they only have one or two gigs of memory in the first place… Yet, they perform excellent on the maximum setting. With this in mind, I’m wondering if perhaps the setting refers to cache that the core server reserves as a buffer for that particular device… :thinking:

If it is of relevant help, my core is a NUC7i7 with 16gb RAM, and a 256gb Intel SSD, running ROCK.

Any clarification and further insight into this parameter would be awesome, and hopefully will help others as well.


I’m curious as well. (allthough I have no problems with 256 Mb with a library of more then 100000 files on Nuc 7i5 8 GB)
But I noticed something strange, when i was reading some composer info in Roon, the fan’s of the nuc start turning (unless there is no library activity after import they never turn on) So I looked at the task manager and saw roon was using almost 100% of the gpu. Is that normal when nothing else is going on? Music played just flac 16/44, all dsp is of. Just reading componist info.

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Restarting Nuc solved it. Strange, never happened before. Could it related to small image cache memory?

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I’m still checking in on this daily, hoping someone involved in the development who has some knowledge about it will chime in. Maybe this post will serve as a bump and someone will notice it this time around.

If setting this to the maximum is working ok, than feel free to stick with that.

If issues are going to crop up, I would expect them to happen when you set the cache above what you have available, so using the minimum amount that gives you good performance is our general recommendation here.

This setting is more commonly used to mitigate performance issues, rather than to increase performance, so if things are working well, I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

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Hi Mike,

Thanks so much for the reply! Good to know - I’ll just keep it at a low setting then, since I didn’t see a discernable difference with further comparisons on my Nexus 9.

I’m still curious if this setting pertains to a memory allocation on the server / core side or the remote / player side - ?

No, it’s for the remote client.

Ah, ok good to know. Last question on this one Mike – How am I able to successfully set a 2048mb cache on a device that only has 2gb of RAM to work with in the first place? That might be a loaded question, so I guess I’m just looking for the basic layman explanation… Maybe it just uses as much memory as it can before maxing out within the client OS memory allocation? :thinking:

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